Letting Go.

I miss you.
Some days it’s really hard doing things without you.
Some days I remember how the lines in your eyes would crease every time you’d laugh.
Some days I remember how you loved to sing in the car, off tune and at the top of your lungs, without a care in the world.
Some days I remember the outline of your body, your strong arms that could move mountains,
Your big hands that gently held mine
I miss you.
Some days I remember our disagreements,
how much it hurt knowing someone had so much power over me.
Some days I remember how controlling and overbearing my love for you was.
It seemed like I could never contain it, never put it away.
I felt so lucky knowing I had a piece of you, knowing that I was the one who got to love you, got to experience you.
I think I loved you too much, much more than I loved myself.
I missed myself.
I missed the girl I was before you.
I know she is slowly coming back, ready for the world
Learning to let go
But some days I still miss you.

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